About Us

AGR Training identify industry skills gaps and provide personnel solutions to current  and prospective clients  throughout the energy sector.

About Us

AGR understand the importance of Training and Competency. Therefore, AGR is able to provide an all-encompassing service. With the development of the AGR Training (AGRT) division.

AGRT – Have strong relationships with the market leaders in industry approved training centres such as Survivex

Frameworks are in place allowing us to schedule and deliver training globally working in conjunction with crew rotations.

Training and competency requirements will be supported by a bespoke Training Management System (TMS) with full client transparency and trackability. This will be provided as part of the service delivered by AGRT. A full overview has been attached as a supplement.

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AGR’S Bespoke inhouse 3 Tier Verification Procedure:


Our 3 Tier Verification Program ensures that all AGR staff understand the required expectations and requirements across the industry.


Ensures that company processes and expectations are standardised across all offices globally, ensuring the same high level of service to all clients.


Reduces risk of non-compliance and issues for clients.


Allows quality concerns to be captured and addressed as part of the company’s Corrective Action Procedures.

How it Works:


Tier 1

• Weekly Certification Audits are carried out by trained company verifiers

• The Audits are carried out cross-departments to ensure full impartiality

• All live vacancies are checked and certification expiry dates cross-referenced with Bullhorn CRM to ensure all documents are valid.


Tier 2

• Reviews are carried out by Team Managers, across departments.

• 25% sampling will be taken throughout the month cross-teams.


Tier 3

• Quarterly Audits of the Monthly Managers Audits are carried out by the company’s Global Compliance Manager in line with the Internal Audit Schedule.